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FIFA 2003 Creation Center

Author : EA Sports (Downloads by this author)
Added : 30/11/-0001
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No. of Downloads : 476892
Size : 31.25 Mb
Readme : Click here

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Description: The official editor for FIFA 2003 as released by EA Sports. The Creation Center allows you to create, edit, import and export players, team, leagues and tournaments. You can also edit players appearances, import new kits, badges, supporter flags and chants.

This is program is a must have for anyone wanting to edit their FIFA 2003 game. It is vital for importing new FIFA 2003 patches.

To get full use from the Creation Center be sure to read the readme.txt in the zip and install the Artwork program as well as the main program itself. The Creation Center comes complete with a very detailed Help system.

Make sure you download the Creation Centre 1.5 Update for the latest bug fixes and add-ons.

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