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FIFA 2004 Creation Centre

Author : EA SPORTS (Downloads by this author)
Added : 30/11/-0001
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No. of Downloads : 112245
Size : 1.56 Mb
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Description: This version of the Creation Centre has been outdated by Creation Centre 2004 Version 1.1. Make sure you download it, instead of this one.

Updated 6th Jan 2004: If you have already downloaded the Creation Centre make sure you download this new version which fixes the crash which occurs when you try to create a new player.

This is the first release version of the FIFA 2004 Creation Centre.

It contains:
  • Create new players
  • Player creation / editing - name, height, weight, skin colour, generic hair, face type, boots, position, stats
  • Kit editing – jersey number / name
  • Squad number editing
  • Captain selection
  • Change formations
  • More than one patch can be installed
  • Able to export just one team or one league and install that later on different computer without affecting any other team or league
  • Changes made in Creation Center will automatically carry into FIFA 2004
  • All changes need to be applied (‘Apply’ button) to take effect
  • All changes need to be saved (‘Save’ icon) to be stored – warning: there is no way to restore the initial default once a change is saved
  • ‘Reset’ will cancel all changes made after the last save
The second release will be available around March and will include the following extra features:
  • Import/Export
  • Importing of kits, badges, flags and sound

If you have a heavily edited player database (eg. lots of careers) or have used another editor on your game you will need to restore the original DB files from your CD before the Creation Centre will work properly.

IMPORTANT: When you unzip the Creation Centre make sure you have "USE FOLDER NAMES" ticked or else the Creation Centre will not work.

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