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FIFA 2004 Creation Centre V1.1

Author : EA SPORTS (Downloads by this author)
Added : 30/11/-0001
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No. of Downloads : 151577
Size : 2.05 Mb
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Description: Here is what is new in Creation Centre 2004 Version 1.1:

Items Fixed:

CC uses the correct DB file for different languages. Eg. ENG.DB for English, SPA.DB for Spanish etc… (also language setting is read from locale.ini if exists)

Free Agents list remains sorted after a player is selected from the list

User is prompted for a team to add a new player when no team is currently selected.

New Features:

Face Manager: Shows all the face IDs and the players assigned to. Face Manager can be accessed from View menu or on Player Attributes Form.

New graphics can be imported to the game. These include: Kits - Third kits, GK kits, training kits etc... 2GK kits are supported

Specific faces. Corresponding hair and headshape files in FSH format must be include to work.

Banners and Flags. Make sure Generic Banners field is unchecked.

Files to be import can be in BMP, JPG or FSH format

Import Chants: Chant files have to be converted to ASF format using DittyImporter before imported to the game.

A full description of what the Creation Centre 2004 can do is available here.

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