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Major League Soccer and Team USA kit update for 2007 season

Author : Eric LeMarier (Downloads by this author)
Added : 06/08/2008
Homepage : N/A
No. of Downloads : 2397
Size : 7.98 Mb
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I know this is being added a little late but this kit update updates ALL the MLS teams with goalkeeper kits. Also, the Houston Dynamo home and away kits have been updated with the newest sponsor Amigo Energy.  The US national team has also been updated with a kit for goal keepers on the US national team and the 2007 third jersey. Each kit is in their own folder in the zip file so you can install just the ones you want or all of them one at a time.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE JERSEYS ARE FROM THE 2007 MLS and US National Team season.

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