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K-League Super Patch 2009

Author : FIFA Korea (Downloads by this author)
Added : 18/01/2010
Homepage : N/A
No. of Downloads : 1157
Size : 1.28 Mb
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Description: The K-League Super Patch 2009 is FIFA KOREA's official patch that offers more correct national team & club team rosters based on EA Sports's FIFA09 and comprehensive graphics update according to K-League atmosphere.
Also this patch is operating under 2 languages of FIFA 09(korean & english). And provides real rosters and graphics for World Clubs & national teams. This amazing patch includes lots of features for you :

Roster Update
- Full support for Network(IPX) game through Hex editing
- The accurate transfer updates for over 1,000 players
- Tons of modification for player figures (over 3,000 players)
- It creats hundreds of new players in the game
- The accurate roster updates and real formation data for Korean K-League, English Premier League, Italian Seria A, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga, French Le Championnat teams
- Add 28 new national teams : Ghana, Netherlands, North Korea(Korea DPR), Senegal, Angola, Iran, Egypt, Japan, Israel, Costarica, Ivory Coast, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Chile, Tunisia, Moroco, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, Nigeria, Canada, Jamaica, Israel, Slovakia, Peru, Chile
- Total national teams roster updates are included
- Add Gangwon FC into Korean K-League
- Add 2010 FIFA World Cup Qualification and Final Tournament
- Add FIFA Confederations Cup Tournament
- And real roster update for many teams

Graphic Update
- Lots of new title menu screens according to K-League atmosphere
- High quality home&away kits for lots of teams
- New kits, banner, logo for all created national teams and club teams
- Newly created 132 boots (all EA boots will be replaced)
- High quality face graphics for 30 Korea national team players
- New adboards for international A-match & K-League matches
- New In-game popup graphics including scoreboard
- High quality 2GK kits for all K-League teams
- Add official balls for K-League, Premier League, Primera Liga, Seria A
- New 3D logos for all club teams & national teams
- Realisitc & High quality turfs in all stadiums
- Accurate and new natioal flags, banners and logos
- New ingame mini faces for Korea national team players
- New Nike, Adidas, Puma fonts for jerseys
- Add Suwon Big Bird Stadium
- Many famous head coach face images for manager mode
- Some graphic modification for lots of teams
- Remove overacted filter effects which appears during cinematic animations
- Updated graphic settings for better guality

Other Features
- More smooth play motion in the game
- Enhanced audio setting for realisitc crowd shout
- Realistic chants for 15 K-League teams
- It adds new national anthem for the created national teams
- Fully supported english & korean. (The other languages will be soon)
- Convenient installation & full restoration function

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